What about insurance?

You will need to do some research before you rent your vehicle. Your auto insurance policy for your everyday car could cover car rentals or the credit card that you are using to pay for the rental car could provide collision coverage. You may want to contact your insurance agent or credit card company in advance since these benefits are not guaranteed.

We offer a collision damage waiver if you do not have your own insurance coverage for rental cars.

Who will be Driving?

If there is a chance anyone other than yourself will be driving, it is imperative that they be listed as an additional driver at the time of pick up. Spouses are often able to drive without any additional cost but if they aren’t listed as a driver, your rental agreement and insurance could be voided for protection.

Mount Maxwell Restrictions

Only a few of our vehicles are suitable to be driven up Mount Maxwell as the road is very steep, narrow and bumpy. Please let us know if you plan to go to this area and we will reserve the right vehicle for you.

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